Losing a pet can be a traumatic experience. Even worse is losing a pet that could have been easily returned - if it'd had identification details on it's tag. That's where FasTags come into they're own!

FasTags - The Tag That Shrinks!

The plastic is made to custom specifications, and a durable laminate is included to protect the printed designs. FasTags begin as large semi-transparent pieces of plastic. The large size allows you to comfortably write your information on the tag. With a mere 3-5 minutes in your oven, the tag shrinks dramatically, as it thickens and becomes opaque. What you are left with is a small durable plastic tag with all of your information, ready in just minutes.

The FasTags then attach easily to your pets collar with the enclosed s-hooks or o-rings.

Available as: Big Paw or Big Spot

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